Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Co

The company you know as Transamerica began as a small, independent bank founded by an entrepreneur named A.P. Giannini, whose goal was to provide financial services to the public. In 1930, Giannini's company bought Occidental Life Insurance, which had opened in 1906 and was well-known on the West Coast. Eventually, the company had to separate its banking and non-banking arms, due to new Congressional regulation in 1956. The Transamerica name then became associated solely with its non-banking enterprises, such as life insurance.

The Transamerica companies are dedicated to the high level of service with which Giannini's company was founded over 100 years ago. Their continued goal is to provide individuals, families, and businesses with investment products and life insurance solutions to build and protect their hard-earned assets.

To access your Transamerica account, click here. You can pay your life insurance premium, submit a claim, or play Pyramid Trivia. You can also call them at 800-852-4678, 8 AM - 5 PM M-F, Central Time (U.S.).

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